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Stable Release

The best available version of Agar is 1.7.0.

Precompiled binary packages for Windows and other platforms are made available to our Patreon Members exclusively.

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Development Version

Repository access via Subversion access is available from the following repository URL.

Warning: When using Agar's development version, make sure to always recompile your Agar applications after having recompiled the Agar library itself. This is important because shared library version numbers are incremented only on release.

Automated commit notifications are sent to the Discord Channel as well as the agar-commits@ mailing list. To subscribe to the mailing list, send an empty e-mail to

Extra Developer Tools

BSDBuild is a BSD-style build system which provides useful make libraries as well as the ability to generate Bourne configure scripts which provide the same functionality and user interface as autoconf generated scripts. It's not necessary to install BSDBuild in order to build Agar. BSDBuild is needed if you want to regenerate the configure script from sources.

Users of the Vim editor (or any other editor with support for Vim syntax files) may find the syntax files under the syntax/ directory useful. They contain definitions for every type and constant exported by Agar.

The valgrind instrumentation framework is recommended for finding memory errors.

Verifying Signed Packages

After downloading a package, check that the SHA-256 checksum matches the package's .md5 file. Agar packages are signed by Julien Nadeau Carriere ( Get this KEYS file along with the package's .asc signature, and verify using a tool such as gpg:

  $ wget
  $ gpg --import KEYS

  $ wget
  $ gpg --verify agar-1.7.0.tar.gz.asc

The fingerprints should match:

71AB 5949 2159 9198 AD5E  587C 33CA 9C83 A9EE 5206
D810 5851 EA43 4F14 BB9C  7A17 9417 3E3D E08C 7015 ElectronTubeStore