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11/14/2018 11/14/2018
Added: valgrind suppression file.
07/31/2017 07/31/2017
The Agar SVN repository is now automatically mirrored on Github at:
03/25/2016 03/25/2016
Released agar v1.5.0 "A mild Breeze upon the Brow of the Dead" (ChangeLog)
04/08/2014 04/08/2014
The Subversion repository is now accessible via
05/22/2013 05/22/2013
The MinGW and Visual Studio Installation Guides have been updated.
07/29/2012 07/29/2012
The Online Manual now displays images; several cosmetic fixes were also applied.
03/20/2011 03/20/2011
Released agar v1.4.1 "Landscapes of Frozen Methane" (ChangeLog)
04/16/2010 04/16/2010
Released agar v1.4.0 "Landscapes of Frozen Methane" (ChangeLog)
08/30/2009 08/30/2009
Released agar v1.3.4 "Pandemonic Incantation" (ChangeLog)
06/03/2009 06/03/2009
Due to some changes in the build system, users of the latest development version of Agar (as of r8187) who rely on the make proj feature, must upgrade to BSDBuild-2.5.
10/30/2008 10/30/2008
Released agar v1.3.3 "Blackened Soil Remains" (ChangeLog)
03/02/2008 03/02/2008
Released agar v1.3.2 "Landscapes Turn To Ash" (ChangeLog)
03/02/2008 03/02/2008
Created agar-commits mailing list for automated commit notifications of the Agar source code exlusively. Note that the previous source-diff list will continue to receive notices as well. The new list provides a RSS feed.
12/03/2007 12/03/2007
Released agar v1.3.1 "Birth of an Era Obscured by Sulfur and Flames" (ChangeLog)
11/29/2007 11/29/2007
Released agar v1.3 "Birth of an Era Obscured by Sulfur and Flames" (ChangeLog)
03/15/2007 03/15/2007
Released agar v1.2 "Crusade of the Underworld Hordes" (ChangeLog)
06/08/2006 06/08/2006
Released agar v1.1 "Lord of Abysmal Depths" (ChangeLog)
10/23/2005 10/23/2005
Released agar v1.0 "Night of the Late October" (ChangeLog) ElectronTubeStore