Simply providing us your feedback and reporting bugs you encounter is essential to the success of Agar releases.

Of course, if you are a programmer, patches, bug fixes and improvements are always welcome.

Get commercial support

For a very reasonable monthly fee, you can purchase official Agar commercial support.

Buy from our web store
If you are into DIY, check out our online store, (also on eBay). We carry electronic parts, vacuum tubes, kits, specialty materials and more.
Try our Unix hosting services

If you are looking for high-speed, affordable, high-availability Unix hosting, try out Hosting. Since the project's beginning, hosting has been providing most of the funding and resources necessary in developing Agar.

Donate hardware

We are always interested in porting Agar to new hardware platforms, operating systems and devices. Please contact if you wish to donate hardware (portable devices, development boards, input devices, vintage, unix-capable workstations, etc.)

Make a donation

You can make a cash donation using Paypal (our address is, or through SourceForge by clicking on the icon below.

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