IRC channel

Agar developers occasionally lurk on the IRC channel #libagar on This Web-Based Chat provides an interface to it.

Contact the maintainer

The current maintainer of Agar is Julien Nadeau. He can be reached by e-mail at, on the web at or by IRC as vedge on the channel #agar.

Commercial Support

You do not need to purchase a license in order to use Agar in commercial applications and we do not require any kind of compensation, but if you find Agar useful, we hope that you will consider signing up for commercial support:

Mailing List: agar

General discussion of Agar development and issues related to any of the libraries included in the Agar distribution. Plaintext posts only.
Mailing List: agar-announce

Release announcements for new versions of Agar and related libraries are sent to this low-volume, read-only mailing list.
Mailing List: agar-commits

Automated notifications of changes made to the Agar source code repository (the Subversion repository is accessible here).
Mailing List: agar-announce-fr

French version of agar-announce.