Here you can download previous stable Agar releases.

Agar-1.4.0 (Landscapes of Frozen Methane)
Released April 6, 2010
Agar-1.3.4 (Pandemonic Incantation)
Released August 30, 2009
Agar-1.3.3 (Blackened Soil Remains)
Released September 30, 2008
Agar-1.3.2 (Landscapes Turn To Ash)
Released March 2, 2008
Agar-1.3.1 (Bugfix)
Released December 3, 2007
Agar-1.3 (The Birth of an Era Obscured by Sulfur and Flames)
Released November 29, 2007
Agar-1.2 (Crusade of the Underworld Hordes)
Released March 15, 2007
Agar-1.0 (Night of the Late October)
Released October 23, 2005

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