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#include <agar/core.h>
#include <agar/gui.h>


The AG_Box widget packs its children horizontally or vertically.


AG_Object(3)-> AG_Widget(3)-> AG_Box.


AG_Box * AG_BoxNew (AG_Widget *parent, enum ag_box_type type, Uint flags)

AG_Box * AG_BoxNewHoriz (AG_Widget *parent, Uint flags)

AG_Box * AG_BoxNewVert (AG_Widget *parent, Uint flags)

AG_Box * AG_BoxNewHorizNS (AG_Widget *parent, Uint flags)

AG_Box * AG_BoxNewVertNS (AG_Widget *parent, Uint flags)

void AG_BoxSetLabel (AG_Box *box, const char *format, ...)

void AG_BoxSetLabelS (AG_Box *box, const char *text)

void AG_BoxSetHomogenous (AG_Box *box, int homogenous)

void AG_BoxSetPadding (AG_Box *box, int padding)

void AG_BoxSetSpacing (AG_Box *box, int spacing)

void AG_BoxSetDepth (AG_Box *box, int depth)

void AG_BoxSetHorizAlign (AG_Box *box, enum ag_box_align align)

void AG_BoxSetVertAlign (AG_Box *box, enum ag_box_align align)

The AG_BoxNew() function allocates, initializes, and attaches a new AG_Box widget. The type argument defines the packing as AG_BOX_HORIZ or AG_BOX_VERT. Acceptable flags include:
AG_BOX_HOMOGENOUSDivide space into equal parts.
AG_BOX_FRAMEDraw a decorative frame by default. This flag is implied if a caption text is set.
AG_BOX_HFILLExpand horizontally in parent (equivalent to invoking AG_ExpandHoriz(3)).
AG_BOX_VFILLExpand vertically in parent (equivalent to invoking AG_ExpandVert(3)).

The AG_BoxNewHoriz() and AG_BoxNewVert() variants are equivalent to setting AG_BOX_HORIZ and AG_BOX_VERT. The AG_BoxNewHorizNS() and AG_BoxNewVertNS() (no spacing) variants implicitely set default padding and spacing parameters to 0 pixels.

The AG_BoxSetLabel() function arranges for a text label to be displayed over the container. If an argument of NULL is passed, the label is removed.

The AG_BoxSetHomogenous() function sets/clears the AG_BOX_HOMOGENOUS flag, which controls whether available space is divided evenly between widgets.

The AG_BoxSetPadding() function sets the padding around the group of child widgets to padding pixels. AG_BoxSetSpacing() sets the spacing between individual child widgets to spacing pixels.

Assuming that the AG_BOX_FRAME flag was given, AG_BoxSetDepth() sets the depth of the frame.

The AG_BoxSetHorizAlign() and AG_BoxSetVertAlign() functions specify the horizontal or vertical alignment of widgets. The horizontal alignment setting may be AG_BOX_LEFT (default), AG_BOX_CENTER or AG_BOX_RIGHT. The vertical alignment may be set to AG_BOX_TOP (default), AG_BOX_CENTER or AG_BOX_BOTTOM.


The AG_Box widget does not generate any event.


The following code fragment packs two columns of buttons:
AG_Window *win;
AG_Box *boxHoriz, *boxCol[2];
int i;

win = AG_WindowNew(0);
boxHoriz = AG_BoxNewVert(win, 0);
boxCol[0] = AG_BoxNewHoriz(boxHoriz, 0);
boxCol[1] = AG_BoxNewHoriz(boxHoriz, 0);

for (i = 0; i < 5; i++)
	AG_ButtonNew(boxCol[0], 0, "In column 1");
for (i = 0; i < 5; i++)
	AG_ButtonNew(boxCol[1], 0, "In column 2");



AG_Intro(3), AG_Widget(3), AG_Window(3)


The AG_Box widget first appeared in Agar 1.0.