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#include <agar/core.h>
#include <agar/gui.h>


The AG_Console widget displays a scrollable list of messages in log format. Messages may be copied to the clipboard or exported to a file. After a message has been appended to the log, its text (and other attributes) can be changed. By default, the display automatically scrolls down to make new messages visible.


AG_Object(3)-> AG_Widget(3)-> AG_Console.


AG_Console * AG_ConsoleNew (AG_Widget *parent, Uint flags)

void AG_ConsoleSetPadding (AG_Console *cons, int padding)

void AG_ConsoleSetFont (AG_Console *cons, AG_Font *font)

The AG_ConsoleNew() function allocates, initializes, and attaches a new AG_Console widget. Acceptable flags include:
AG_CONSOLE_NOAUTOSCROLLDon't scroll automatically to make newly inserted lines visible.
AG_CONSOLE_NOPOPUPDisable contextual popup menus.
AG_CONSOLE_HFILLExpand horizontally in parent (equivalent to invoking AG_ExpandHoriz(3)).
AG_CONSOLE_VFILLExpand vertically in parent (equivalent to invoking AG_ExpandVert(3)).

The AG_ConsoleSetPadding() function sets the padding around messages in pixels.

AG_ConsoleSetFont() configures an alternate font for the AG_Console messages (see AG_FetchFont(3)).


AG_ConsoleLine * AG_ConsoleMsg (AG_Console *cons, const char *format, ...)

AG_ConsoleLine * AG_ConsoleMsgS (AG_Console *cons, const char *text)

void AG_ConsoleMsgEdit (AG_ConsoleLine *line, const char *newText)

void AG_ConsoleMsgPtr (AG_ConsoleLine *line, void *ptr)

void AG_ConsoleMsgColor (AG_ConsoleLine *line, AG_Color c)

void AG_ConsoleClear (AG_Console *cons)

char * AG_ConsoleExportText (AG_Console *cons, int nativeNewlines)

The AG_ConsoleMsg() function appends a new message to the console log. Unless an error occurs, the function returns a AG_ConsoleLine handle. This handle remains valid until the widget is destroyed, or AG_ConsoleClear() is used.

As a special case, if a cons argument of NULL is passed to AG_ConsoleMsg() or AG_ConsoleMsgS(), the function prints the message with AG_Verbose(3) before returning NULL.

The AG_ConsoleMsgEdit() routine replaces the text of an existing message. AG_ConsoleMsgPtr() associates an arbitrary user pointer with the given message. AG_ConsoleMsgColor() an alternate, line-specific text color.

AG_ConsoleClear() clears all messages from the console.

The AG_ConsoleExportText() routine returns a C string containing the currently selected lines. The lines are joined with newlines. If nativeNewlines is non-zero, platform-specific newlines are used.


The AG_Console widget does not generate any event.


For the AG_Console object:
int pos Current cursor position (or -1).
int sel Selection (offset from cursor).
AG_Mutex lock Lock on buffer contents.
AG_ConsoleLine **lines Lines in buffer.
Uint nLines Line count.

For the AG_ConsoleLine structure:
char *text Text string.
AG_Size len Length of string in characters.
int selected Line selection flag.
int icon Icon surface to display.
AG_Font *font Alternate font (if NULL, the default font is used). Usually set with AG_ConsoleSetFont().
AG_Color cFg Foreground color.
AG_Color cBg Background color.
void *p User pointer


AG_Color(3), AG_Intro(3), AG_Text(3), AG_Textbox(3), AG_Widget(3), AG_Window(3)


The AG_Console widget first appeared in Agar 1.3.