12/03/2007 New stable release: agar-1.3.1 (Birth of an Era Obscured by Sulfur and Flames) [Fixed compilation issues]
11/29/2007 New stable release: agar-1.3 (Birth of an Era Obscured by Sulfur and Flames) [What's new]
03/15/2007 New stable release: agar-1.2 (Crusade of the Underworld Hordes)
02/26/2007 The subversion server has moved to We apologize for the inconvenience.
05/30/2007 There are rendering issues with recent FreeType versions on MacOS X (installed from DarwinPorts). In that case, Agar can be compiled with the --without-freetype option until it is resolved.
08/29/2006 Lots of fixes and improvements to the online manual page reader and the manual pages in general. Added new manual pages: AG_Fixed, AG_Pixmap, AG_Pane, AG_MPane, AG_Notebook and AG_Colors.
08/18/2006 A bug in recent FreeType releases causes the FT_Render_Glyph() function to fail under certain conditions, causing Agar applications to abort on display when Agar is compiled with FreeType support. This bug has been fixed in the FreeType CVS repository, and the next Agar release will include a workaround. Another workaround is to use Agar's built-in bitmap font engine (just compile Agar with the "--without-freetype" option to use it).
05/26/2007 SDL versions since 1.2.10 introduce build problems due to namespace pollution (i.e., redefinition of _HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H in SDL.h). A workaround has been committed to Subversion and will be included in the upcoming release.
06/08/2006 New stable release: agar-1.1 (Lord of Abysmal Depths)
10/23/2005 New stable release: agar-1.0 (Night of the Late October)
10/09/2005 New development version: agar-10092005.tar.gz
10/08/2005 Agar's CVS repository has been converted to Subversion.
10/07/2005 New development version: agar-10072005.tar.gz
10/04/2005 New development version: agar-10042005.tar.gz
09/13/2005 MacOS X packages are now available (download section).
09/12/2005 New development version: agar-09122005.tar.gz
08/16/2005 Commercial support for Agar is now available.
05/11/2005 A new manual page reader is now available. Unlike the previous man.cgi, it parses the mandoc source directly and produces decent HTML.
05/08/2005 New development version: agar-05082005.tar.gz
08/12/2003 New page: screenshots
05/19/2003 New development version: agar-05192003.tar.gz

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