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#include <agar/core.h>
#include <agar/sg.h>


The SG_Light node defines a light source in a SG(3) scene-graph. Each light source is associated with a priority number, which determines which lights are used in the rendering. The number of lights supported for rendering is dependent on the renderer implementation.


AG_Object(3)-> SG_Node(3)-> SG_Light.


SG_Light * SG_LightNew (SG_Node *parent, const char *name)

void SG_LightAmbient (SG_Light *lt, M_Color c)

void SG_LightDiffuse (SG_Light *lt, M_Color c)

void SG_LightSpecular (SG_Light *lt, M_Color c)

void SG_LightSpot (SG_Light *lt, M_Real cutoff, M_Real exponent, M_Vector3 dir)

The SG_LightNew() function allocates, initializes, and attaches a SG_Light object.

The functions SG_LightAmbient(), SG_LightDiffuse() and SG_LightSpecular() configure the colors associated with the ambient, diffuse and specular components of the light source.

SG_LightSpot() sets the spot parameters of the light source. cutoff specifies the cutoff angle in degrees, exponent specifies the light intensity (the higher the exponent, the more focused the light source; a value of 0 provides uniform distribution), and dir is the direction vector. If the cutoff angle is < 180 degrees, the light source is directional, otherwise it is treated as a point source and the direction vector is ignored.


void SG_LightSetup (SG_Light *lt, SG_View *sv)

The SG_LightSetup() function sets up the renderer states associated with a light, prior to rendering. This function is usually invoked from the draw() operation of an SG_View(3) (or derived) widget, prior to rendering a scene.


For the SG_Light object:
int pri Priority of light source when number of sources is limited (0 = highest priority).
M_Color ambient Ambient color component of source.
M_Color diffuse Diffuse color component of source.
M_Color specular Specular color component of source.
M_Real spot_cutoff Spotlight cutoff angle (or 180 for point source).
M_Real spot_exponent Spotlight intensity distribution.
M_Vector3 spot_dir Spotlight direction.
M_Real Kc Constant light attenuation factor.
M_Real Kl Linear light attenuation factor.
M_Real Kq Quadratic light attenuation factor.



The SG_Light node class first appeared in Agar 1.6.0. ElectronTubeStore