Latest Stable Release

The best available version of Agar is 1.4.1.

Precompiled binary packages are available for some platforms:

If you wish to compile Agar from an IDE, make sure to download the .zip package (IDE "project files" are only contained in the .zip distribution). Step-by-step guides for compiling and installing Agar on specific platforms are available from the Documentation section.

Latest Development Version

Subversion access is available from the following repository URL. Write access is available for developers interested in contributing to the project. Note: Since we only bump shared library revisions on stable releases, if you are using a SVN snapshot of Agar, make sure to always recompile your applications after recompiling Agar.

Older Agar releases

Older Agar releases are available on this page.

Verifying Signed Packages

After downloading a package, check that the SHA-256 checksum matches the package's .md5 file. Agar packages are signed by Julien Nadeau ( Download our KEYS file along with the package's .asc signature, and verify using gpg:

  $ wget
  $ gpg --import KEYS

  $ wget
  $ gpg --verify agar-1.4.1.tar.gz.asc

The fingerprint should match:

702A C406 5D3A 135F 7D53  7365 F2CC 5266 2840 CD5D
Extra developer tools

Agar uses the BSDBuild build system. It is not necessary to install BSDBuild in order to build Agar or modify its Makefiles, because part of it comes bundled with the source distribution. However, if you want to properly edit/regenerate the configure script or compile custom IDE project files, BSDBuild needs to be installed.

Users of the Vim editor may find the following syntax file helpful when developing with Agar.

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