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#include <agar/core.h>
#include <agar/gui.h>


The AG_Combo widget packs a AG_Textbox(3) widget left to a AG_Button(3), which causes a AG_Tlist(3) to popup when pressed. The tlist disappears when an option is selected.


AG_Object(3)-> AG_Widget(3)-> AG_Combo.


AG_Combo * AG_ComboNew (AG_Widget *parent, Uint flags, const char *format, ...)

AG_Combo * AG_ComboNewS (AG_Widget *parent, Uint flags, const char *label)

void AG_ComboSizeHint (AG_Combo *combo, const char *text, int nitems)

void AG_ComboSizeHintPixels (AG_Combo *combo, int w, int nitems)

The AG_ComboNew() function allocates, initializes, and attaches a new AG_Combo widget. The string argument specifies an optional text label to be displayed at the left of the textbox. Acceptable flags include:
AG_COMBO_POLLList contents are dynamic (pass the AG_TLIST_POLL flag to the tlist).
AG_COMBO_ANY_TEXTAllow user to enter text that does not match any item in the list.
AG_COMBO_SCROLLTOSELScroll to initial selection if it is not visible.
AG_COMBO_HFILLExpand horizontally in parent container.
AG_COMBO_VFILLExpand vertically in parent container.

The AG_ComboSizeHint() function arranges for the AG_Tlist(3) widget displayed on popup to request a size large enough to display the given number of items. The AG_ComboSizeHintPixels() variant specifies the width in number of pixels.


void AG_ComboSelect (AG_Combo *combo, AG_TlistItem *item)

AG_TlistItem * AG_ComboSelectPointer (AG_Combo *combo, void *ptr)

AG_TlistItem * AG_ComboSelectText (AG_Combo *combo, const char *text)

The AG_ComboSelect() function sets the selection flag on the given item.

The AG_ComboSelectPointer() function selects the first item with a user pointer value matching ptr. Similarly, AG_ComboSelectText() selects the first item with a text string equal to text.

If the AG_COMBO_POLL option is set, both AG_ComboSelectPointer() and AG_ComboSelectText() will raise a tlist-poll event prior to making the selection.


The AG_Combo widget generates the following events:
combo-selected (AG_TlistItem *item)
An item was selected.
combo-text-entry (const char *text)
The AG_COMBO_ANY_TEXT option is set and the user has entered a string text which does not match any item in the list.
combo-text-unknown (const char *text)
The AG_COMBO_ANY_TEXT flag is not set and the user has entered a string text which does not match any item in the list.


For the AG_Combo object:
AG_Tlist *list Pointer to the AG_Tlist(3) displayed by AG_Combo when expanded (read-only).
AG_Textbox *tbox Pointer to the AG_Textbox(3) contained in the AG_Combo (read-only).
AG_Button *button Pointer to the AG_Button(3) next to the textbox (read-only).


The following code fragment reacts to a AG_Combo selection event by displaying a text dialog:
Selected(AG_Event *event)
	AG_TlistItem *item = AG_TLIST_ITEM_PTR(1);
	AG_TextMsg(AG_MSG_INFO, "Selected item: %s", item->text);

AG_Combo *com = AG_ComboNew(NULL, 0, "Item: ");
AG_TlistAdd(com->list, NULL, "Foo");
AG_TlistAdd(com->list, NULL, "Bar");
AG_SetEvent(com, "combo-selected", Selected, NULL);


AG_Button(3), AG_Intro(3), AG_Textbox(3), AG_Tlist(3), AG_Widget(3), AG_Window(3)


The AG_Combo widget first appeared in Agar 1.0. As of Agar 1.6.0, AG_COMBO_TREE is a deprecated no-op. ElectronTubeStore